Schedules & Pricing

School Hours

Monday -Friday 9:15-1:15

Extended Day Fridays offered

Our program is based on a 4 hour morning so that we can offer a rich, action packed experience.  Our schedule allows the children time to get involved in and enjoy a wide variety of activities each day without being rushed.  We do offer a 3 hour option for those in need of an earlier pick up.


9:15-10:00 Greeting/Discovery Time (child directed art, play, snack & Outdoor activities  10:00-10:05 Clean-up/Transition to group

10:05-10:30 Group Time (Language development, concept awareness, songs, stories, games)

10:30-11:40 Activity Time (guided art, projects, exploration, play & sensory activities)

11:40-11:50 Clean-up/Daily Jobs

11:50-12:05 Music/movement (Rhymes, music & gross motor development)

12:05-1:15 Outside Play/Lunch



4 Hour Schedule 

5 days/wk M-F $577/mo    

3 days/wk MWF $335/mo  

2 days/wk TTH $242/mo

3 Hour Schedule

5 days/wk M-F $500/mo 

3 days/wk MWF $305/mo

2 days/wk TTH $210/mo

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